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Nom Nom Galaxy
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What is Nom Nom Galaxy?

Nom Nom Galaxy is a new title in development for the PC by Q-Games, creators of the critically acclaimed Nom Nom Galaxy series. The title will focus on co-operative play, supporting play with up to four players. In Nom Nom Galaxy, the player is a member of Soup Co. and it is up to the player to defeat the opposing soup companies in the production of Soups. Players must Collect Matter in order to construct a strong base and factory. From there, players must Collect Ingredients, which will allow them to Make Soup. Once soups are created - the players then launch them into space, where they receive some of the Market share. The main incentive of the game is to produce more soup than your competitors and Corner the Market.

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Robo Pals! Update (Ver 0.99a)

- April 23rd, 2015

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